Masters Jewellers since 1889

Carlo Raspagni jewellery is a tradition that began in 1889 in Valenza, heart and emblem of the Italian jewellery.

Handed down from father to son over a century of history, it is now in its fifth generation and today is at the forefront in creating collections that meet every wish: from classic style with many variations, to veritable works of unique and unrepeatable art jewellery.

The entirely handmade goldsmiths execution, the high quality of materials, originality in design and the attentive service offered to customers have always been our strengths on the international market.

Owning a jewel by Carlo Raspagni means enriching our own essence. Everywhere and in time.


The Birth


The founder Attilio Raspagni (1869-1935) acquired a wide knowledge of the goldsmith’s art in Milan at the best laboratories available at the time, while attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

Invited by a prestigious jewellery company he moved to Valenza in 1889 and started working as a goldsmith jeweller, applying new decorative techniques and improving the processing of precious metals.


The Expansion


In 1922 the eldest son Carlo Raspagni (1892-1971) continued the family business by opening a new company that started growing and expanding trade in various parts of Italy and came to purchase precious stones at the diamonds stock market in Belgium.


The International Limelight


The son Armando Raspagni (1920-1998) emerged in the gold sector for his craftsmanship, opening his own business in the mid-60’s discovering a natural predisposition to trade and being the expression of the purest Italian goldsmith’s art, capturing and interpreting the tastes of the important parts of the society at that time.

Exhibitor in major international jewellery exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Munich he won several awards for his works that reached new and unique forms of astonishing perfection.


Worldwide Auctions


The son Carlo (1955), with the same name as his grandfather, after joining his father Armando in the technical administrative department branch, thanks to its vast knowledge in gemmology and high artistic sensibility was the creator of unique worldwide coveted jewellery shapes. Collaborating with the world’s largest auction houses, he further expanded the possibilities of affirmation of his children.




Alberto (1983), Carlo’s eldest son, since a young age expressed artistic sensibility inherited from his father through artistic drafts that, today, he manages to turn in collections full of the same authentic values ​​handed down by family tradition. In this way the brand is reaching new possibilities of expansion thanks to a style that goes beyond fashion and time. Qualified and an expert in ancient and modern jewellery, as well as registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria, he is also involved in consulting individuals, banks and courts.

Edoardo (1985), the second son, following in his father’s footsteps, takes care of the administrative and international distribution departments, is in charge of relations with customers and manages the sales department in all its aspects.